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Interview Jonathan CEO AdinCube

All adnetworks have to pivot to survive, my opinion. There are couple of ways to do it, first question to ask yourself is Demand side, Supply Side or both. Very few decide to go the Supply side, AdinCube is part of them. They started as an adnetwork called Adbuddiz, were quite successful and that enabled them to invest in tech and build a product that solve the publisher problem they saw their clients were facing. So let’s know more this interview of their CEO Jonathan Ferrebeuf.

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1/ First, can you give us an update on AdBuddiz since our last interview in 2014?

AdBuddiz is doing well. The network is growing and is being used by 30 000+ mobile app publishers all over the world.

2/ How came the idea to develop AdinCube and what problem do you fix?

The idea came from talking to numerous mobile app developers worldwide.  When they start getting traffic, most of them put a lot of time and energy trying one ad network after another and doing their own ad mediation…

This work is very painful because you need to integrate a new SDK each time you want to test a new network. You have to manage several accounts. You need to reach the threshold on every platform to request a payment, bill each of them etc

After years of experience in the space, we realized that we could do this work for them and optimize their ad revenues in a much more efficient way.

With AdinCube:

  • you integrate one single SDK and have only one account to manage (two if you want to use Admob) for all your ad formats: static and video interstitials, rewarded videos, banners, native ads
  • you get access to the 15+ most famous and powerful mobile ad networks (no matter if they are CPM, CPC, CPI) as well as 100+ RTB exchanges and DSPs which guarantees the highest fill rate you can get
  • you have all ad actors competing for each of your ad requests
  • your ad revenues and CPM are maximized like never before: our machine learning algorithms analyse and predict which ad pays the most
  • you get paid by AdinCube immediately

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3/ What is your business model?

Our business model is probably the most interesting one there is for publishers.

We negotiated special rev share conditions with the networks thanks to our volumes.
We take a small commission on the difference between the special and the standard conditions the developers would get if they were connecting directly to the networks. As a result, it’s a win win partnership for everybody:

  • the developer gets more revenues than if he connects directly to the networks
  • the networks get traffic
  • we make a living 🙂

4/ Did you integrate DSPs in direct, if yes which one?

On top of giving you access to all major ad networks and ad exchanges, AdinCube has done direct open RTB integrations with 100+ DSPs. To name a few of them: Bidswitch, Netadge, Avazu, Bidstalk…

5/ How does your yield and mediation feature work? You call each SDK with a floor price?

We adapt our integration to each ad partner. Some accept to compete with the others via open RTB, some others only work with floor prices, some provide CPI campaigns, some do CPC or CPM. We built a system that receives all the campaigns on the market, crunches all the data and displays the highest paying ad for your app.  

6/ You have made a special integration with Admob, can you tell us what is the benefit for publishers?

We built a chrome plugin that allows any publisher to synchronize his Admob account with AdinCube. The plugin automatically pushes your Admob set up further than ever, which means that you’ll make more revenues from Admob.

For each of your ad requests, we compare the bids from Admob with the ones from all the other ad networks. Only the impressions that drive you more than Admob go through AdinCube. This way, a developer will necessary earn more revenues with AdinCube than with his former set up.

The publisher keeps 100% of the revenues he generates on his Admob account.

7/ How do you articulate AdBuddiz and AdinCube?

AdBuddiz and AdinCube are totally independant products. A developer who is using AdinCube gets access to all AdBuddiz campaigns. However, he is free to deactivate AdBuddiz (like any other networks included in AdinCube) if he wants to.  

8/ Your solution looks very similar to Addapptr, the german startup, can you tell us your USP?

Based on the feedback of developers, we drive 50 to 100 % more revenues than our competitors in the ad mediation space.

Our main points of differentiation :

  • Multiple years of experience developing machine learning ad serving technology and effective optimization algorithms
  • The strong partnerships we created with the networks
  • The 100+ DSPs and ad-exchanges connections
  • Payment conditions: we pay developers immediately

9/ Who are your first clients and on which market?

We have a little bit more than 150 developers using AdinCube currently. They are from everywhere in the world and have worldwide traffic. Our goal is not to have the highest number of publishers. We prefer to focus on the biggest ones. (you need to generate a minimum of 10 000 impressions/day on your app to qualify for AdinCube).

10/ Did you measure the impact in terms of revenues and CPM before and after AdinCube integration?

On average, we double the revenues and CPM of our publishers. It can be even more than that depending on the solutions the publishers were using prior to AdinCube.

11/ What’s next for you?

We are putting a lot of energy in improving our optimization tools, integrating new networks, ad exchanges and DSPs.


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